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November is American Diabetes Month

November is American Diabetes Month, a time to focus on diabetes and how we can improve the lives of those impacted by this serious health condition. Because diabetes is most prevalent among Blacks compared to all other racial/ethnic groups, the prevention and management of diabetes is a key component in AAHP’s mission to eliminate health disparities.  


Eating a healthy diet and exercising are the best ways to manage and prevent diabetes. Diabetics must also take prescribed medication and see their doctors regularly. Building a strong personal and professional support system—which can include family members and caregivers as well as doctors, dentists, and mental health counselors—can help diabetics stay healthy. Many diabetics find support groups and health programs like AAHP’s Diabetes Education Classes invaluable. Taught by Dr. Ikenna Myers, a physician and certified diabetes educator, with cooking demonstrations by Robina Bowden, a Food for Life practitioner, AAHP’s Diabetes Education classes instruct attendees on how to


During Diabetes Awareness Month and every month, AAHP supports and encourages people living with diabetes who fight for good health every day.

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