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"A blood pressure exam wasn't exactly on my shopping list that day, but when I saw AAHP giving free screenings at my local supermarket, I lined up for an exam. It was quick and painless-and surprising. A follow-up appointment indicated that I was at risk for cardiovascular disease. Armed with information and support from the AAHP, I took action to quit smoking, improve my diet, and get more exercise. Today, my numbers-and my life-are headed in the right direction."
The Health Freedom Walk, a 3.75-mile adventure, is an innovative event that promotes increased physical activity while making creative use of Maryland’s integral role in the Underground Railroad. Participants walk a path similar to the historical route traveled by slaves in their quest for freedom, and, in turn, become motivated to achieve their own freedom from the bondage of poor health. Participants are encouraged to walk in honor of those who walked for freedom, those who assisted in the struggle, and/or a loved one.

Circle of Friends walking groups are essential to the success of the Health Freedom Walk. Each Circle is led by a “conductor” who coordinates meeting times and locations. Groups are comprised of family members, friends, neighbors, colleagues and other community members who want to walk, talk about how to live healthier lives, and begin their journeys to wellness. Conductors and members meet on a regular basis over a six-week period. Each group receives healthy recipes, instruction on reading food labels, information about caloric intake, and words of motivation. Members also receive healthy incentives, such as pedometers, each week that they meet.

If you are interested in participating in the Health Freedom Walk and/or joining a walking group, please contact us.
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