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"A blood pressure exam wasn't exactly on my shopping list that day, but when I saw AAHP giving free screenings at my local supermarket, I lined up for an exam. It was quick and painless-and surprising. A follow-up appointment indicated that I was at risk for cardiovascular disease. Armed with information and support from the AAHP, I took action to quit smoking, improve my diet, and get more exercise. Today, my numbers-and my life-are headed in the right direction."

Heart Health Screening

AAHP facilitates events and education opportunities designed to help eliminate risk factors that predispose African Americans to cardiovascular disease. This includes heart health screening at various community events and locations. Screening may include blood glucose and cholesterol testing, high blood pressure screening, and body mass index (BMI) measurement.

For upcoming events, or to partner on a screening event, please contact us.

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