infant michael


"When I became pregnant, I got involved with the African American Health Program's infant mortality focus area. AAHP gave me the chance to meet every week with a nurse, and we discussed everything I could do to make sure that Michael was born healthy. After Michael's birth, I still had weekly home meetings with my nurse. She answered all of my questions - about breast feeding, sleeping and all the things new mothers worry about. With AAHP, I feel like I am making the right choices - and I can see the results every day in Michael."

Childbirth And Breastfeeding Education Classes

These are not your ordinary childbirth and breastfeeding classes! Expectant moms are welcome to participate during any month of pregnancy – the earlier the better. Fathers and labor coaches are encouraged to attend. Classes are offered in a casual atmosphere at convenient evening times.

These free classes are led by SMILE nurses who are certified childbirth educators and/or certified breastfeeding educators. Through detailed explanations and hands-on demonstrations, pregnant women and their partners learn what they need to know to have a healthy pregnancy, birth, and baby.

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