Whether you are interested in volunteering for an event, joining a topical collaborative, or something else, we welcome your involvement.

Executive Committee

The AAHP Executive Committee is an advisory group that counsels the DHHS in its implementation and evaluation of the program. Members include representatives from community organizations and professionals from various fields, including healthcare, law, marketing, IT, politics, and finance.
Executive Committee Duties and Members

Executive Coalition

The Executive Coalition assists with event planning and encouraging support of AAHP events. It is comprised of individual community representatives, volunteers from local service organizations, AAHP partner organizations, churches, and a host of other interested parties.
Executive Coalition Chairs and Liaisons


AAHP collaboratives are special-interest groups that work toward goals specific to certain topical areas. Currently, AAHP coordinates Collaboratives in the areas of behavioral/mental health, diabetes, Black males health and wellness, cardiovascular health, infant mortality, and STI/HIV/AIDS.


As is true of most community-based organizations and programs, AAHP relies on the dedication of its volunteers as well as staff. The program is always looking for new and creative ways to reach the community, and volunteers can play a critical role in this effort.
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