COVID-19 Webinar Will Explore Sex and Gender Disparities in the Pandemic

On Wednesday, January 27, 2021, Ana Langer, M.D., and Jewel Gausman, Sc.D., M.H.S., will present a webinar discussing their commentary piece "Sex and Gender Disparities in the COVID-19 Pandemic." This webinar will be the first in ORWH's new virtual speaker series, titled Diverse Voices: COVID-19, Intersectionality, and the Health of Women.

Although fewer women are dying from COVID-19 than men, the speakers posit that this finding may mask serious differences between women and men in disease presentation, progression, and outcomes. Drs. Langer and Gausman will discuss the necessity of studying the pandemic and associated policies through a sex-and-gender lens, particularly with regard to disadvantaged populations and resource-poor communities, where women are especially vulnerable. The lecture will also consider how existing health and social services can support women during the pandemic, especially women who are informal caregivers.

Register here.

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