Empowering Black Men in Montgomery County: Brother 2 Brother Talks in April

This April, the Brother 2 Brother (B2B) initiative is excited to offer two engaging events designed to empower and promote the health and well-being of Black men in Montgomery County. These events are tailored specifically to address the health gaps affecting Black men and provide valuable knowledge and support to improve their overall health.

On April 18th, the B2B Upper County event at the Germantown Park Community Center will highlight the importance of physical movement and how it contributes to overall health. Attendees can look forward to demonstrations of basic physical movements, stretches, and crucial pre- and post-workout drills. The event will also include a group discussion on the mental and physical benefits of exercise. The event will be hosted by Ramont Prather and will feature Tungi Kelley, a leader in Gaithersburg's fitness community, who will share insights on maintaining a healthy mindset and the importance of physical fitness in one's overall well-being.

AAHP’s Downtown Brother 2 Brother event at the Wheaton Community Center will focus on cancer prevention, management, and survival. With Jamal "DJ One Luv" Muhammad as host and Dr. Clinton Burnside from Howard University Cancer Center as a special guest, the event will highlight the latest in cancer research, prevention strategies, and management techniques. 

By attending, Black men in Montgomery County will gain knowledge on how to prevent chronic diseases, promote their own health and wellness, and engage in valuable discussions on health habits and actions for a healthier lifestyle. RSVP here:

Download the flyer for the April 18 Brother 2 Brother event (below) here.

Download the flyer for the April 18 Brother 2 Brother event (below) here.

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