May is Mental Health Awareness Month

In today's world, where we're always connected, the pressures of modern life can really affect our mental health, especially in the Black/African-American community. Although technology helps us stay in touch and respond to crises better, it also exposes us to upsetting images and can make us feel more alone. Recent survey data show that more than half of U.S. adults (58%) are lonely. Finding a sense of calm and focusing on well-being when you are having mental health concerns can be daunting in our fast-paced society. While Blacks/African Americans are 20% more likely to face mental health issues compared to the general population, they are less likely to seek treatment.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, a time to highlight the importance of mental health. We can all observe Mental Health Awareness Month by encouraging people to educate themselves on how the stresses of modern life affect our mental well-being, developing skills for handling stress, and by advocating for better mental health support for ourselves and others. AAHP is committed to providing resources that meet the specific needs of Blacks/African Americans, who often encounter obstacles like stigma and a lack of culturally aware healthcare providers when seeking mental health care.

Access AAHP's mental health screening tool for a free, confidential mental health assessment here:

AAHP's Executive Coalition meeting tonight will discuss mental health with a special presenter, Dr. Krystal Lewis, a licensed clinical psychologist at the National Institute of Mental Health. Please join at 6:45pm here:

See the flyer below for more details.

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