Start 2023 on the Right Foot: Get a Free Pass at Montgomery County Recreation

It's that time of year again—New Year's resolutions are being made and many people are deciding to focus on health and fitness in 2023. Exercise is one of the best investments you can make for your overall wellbeing, with numerous studies in recent years showing its physical and mental health benefits. Now there’s even more incentive to get active: Montgomery County residents will have free access to fully equipped fitness rooms, open gym (drop-in) activities, and game rooms at any community recreation center from January 3rd onwards. Get your pass here.

Exercise helps improve physical health through strength building, improved flexibility, and reduced risk of chronic diseases. It also benefits mental and emotional wellbeing by reducing stress levels, promoting better sleep quality, improving mood and self esteem, as well as aiding concentration levels. And now with Montgomery County Recreation Center membership passes being free for all locals in 2023, there really is no excuse not to set exercise as part of your New Year goals!

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