Three Questions for 2021

As you work to achieve your 2021 health goals, be sure to have the basics down:

Do you have a trusted primary care physician (PCP)?

A trusted PCP can help you navigate your health journey towards longevity and a better quality of life. According to Primary Care Progress, “adults in the U.S. who have a primary care provider have 19% lower odds of premature death than those who only see specialists for their care.” AAHP provides referrals to PCPs for AAHP clients as a critical part of chronic disease prevention and management strategy.

Are you current on recommended preventive health screenings, vaccinations, and tests?

Based on your age, gender, and other factors, evidence-based preventive services such as mammograms and colonoscopies detect disease so you can seek treatment sooner rather than later. Vaccinations help build immunity against communicable diseases like measles, flu, HPV, and COVID-19. Routine STD testing can help you manage your sexual health and prevent the spread of STDs. Check out the Cleveland Clinic’s Health Maintenance Guidelines for Adults for more information.

Do you know and understand your health metrics?

Your health metrics include your BMI (body mass index), blood cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood glucose. These numbers are especially important if you are obese, prediabetic or diabetic. Carefully monitoring these numbers is vital to developing a plan that includes goals and benchmarks towards improving your health and preventing the development of heart disease and other serious health complications. AAHP offers free health screenings by enrolling in remote patient monitoring or at select sites: see our calendar for dates and locations.

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Primary Care Progress
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