Senior Planet Sponsored Athlete: Liliana Cortez

Senior Planet recently featured 76-year-old Liliana Cortez in their series on Senior Planet Sponsored Athletes pursuing their fitness goals in 2020. A freelance bodyworker (someone who uses therapeutic or personal development techniques that involve working with the human body), Liliana shared a recent update on her wellness journey:

I’m so grateful to still have the passion to continue my pursuit of the best version of me! Prioritizing my self-care on how best to stay well during these times is of utmost importance. The pause has allowed me the time and patience to do a lot of online research. I’ve also found generous, like-minded professionals who share tons of information.

I am presently following — and have made several changes to — my already conscious diet and exercise routines:

  • Intermittent fasting plan: energy that would normally go into constant digestion of several meals a day goes into healing and detoxifying the body.
  • Adding more weight to my workout assists at building and keeping the aging process depletion of muscles at bay.
  • The Breathwrk app that I follow daily, combined with morning cold showers, has noticeably cleared my mind and focus.

Having read that working the soil enhances the immune system, I took the opportunity to answer a request for volunteers by Green Bronx Machine to harvest a field of theirs up in the Bronx. I put in a few hours, (and taught the young’uns some old-school work ethics — “chat less, work more” — for example, haha!) and brought home a bounty of organic collard greens for me and my neighbors up here on the Upper West Side.

Bottom line: so far, so good! I am learning something new every day!

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